Tricia Penrose

Born in 1970 and originating from the Kirkby area of Liverpool in Merseyside, Tricia Penrose has appeared in many iconic British soaps and drama series throughout her professional acting career. Tricia landed her first professional role during 1987 playing the part of WPC Emma Reid in the channel 4 scouse soap Brookside created by Phil Redmond. Before appearing in a 1987 Boon episode ‘ A Ride on the Wild Side’ alongside Michael Elphick acting the role of Lindy Yates. Then during the late 1980s Tricia Penrose also appeared in a TV show called Vroom and an episode of Medics playing a character called Jean.

After appearing in the shows noted above Tricia’s on-screen presence was soon recognised by casting executives and producers at the UK’s biggest soaps. Leading to an appearance in ITV’s Emmerdale show during 1991 and an acting role playing on-screen character Louise in 2 episodes of Coronation street 1991/1992.

Heartbeat ITV Show

Tricia Penrose’s longest running role has been playing Gina Ward in the ITV hit drama show Heartbeat, with the 1960s period police drama set in the fictional Yorkshire village of Aidensfield. She became the longest serving cast member appearing in over 300 episodes between 1993 and 2010 playing the on-screen character Gina Ward a Liverpudlian barmaid working in the Aidensfield Arms pub. After arriving in the show in series 2 with a bright red Isetta bubble car, Gina soon became an instant hit with viewers who tuned in to watch the weekly prime time Sunday evening family show. Throughout the series fans also became hooked with Gina’s long standing on-screen relationship with fellow character policeman Phil Bellamy played by actor Mark Jordon. With the pair finally tying the knot on-screen and getting married during series 17. During this period Tricia also appeared in 2 episodes of The Royal another popular spin-off TV series from the Heartbeat show. More recently Tricia Penrose has appeared in British legal drama show Justice playing a character called Hayley Gosling.

Singing Career

Along with an impeccable acting career, Tricia Penrose has also enjoyed a successful professional singing career. With two singles ‘Where Did Our Love Go?” and “Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ produced by music mogul Simon Cowell entering the UK charts. The “Where Did Our Love Go?” music video was also created on the Heartbeat TV show set and featured additional cast members.

Tricia also reached the UK’s Eurovision Song Contest “A Song for Europe” final during 2002 for a chance to represent the country in this prestigious annual global music event but did not win the competition. However, in 2004 Tricia won the “Stars In Their Eyes” Christmas edition showcase performing Brenda Lee’s hit “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree” on TV.